The dreaded cough…and other “stresses”

One of the issues I see regularly in clinic as a women's health physiotherapist is urinary stress incontinence. As stressful as incontinence can be, this type of incontinence is not related to emotional stress but rather a physical "stress" on the bladder caused by increases in abdominal and pelvic pressure. If you've ever coughed, sneezed,… Continue reading The dreaded cough…and other “stresses”


Winter and Urinary Urgency

So...strange topic for a first post but since it may be relevant to some people given the winter season, I wanted to share my thoughts. We took a weekend trip to Melbourne recently at 22 weeks pregnant and being the start of June, the weather was quite cool. chilly. windy. Basically, I needed my big… Continue reading Winter and Urinary Urgency