Hi everyone,

My name is Carrie. My husband is Anthony. Our 7 month old Beaglier puppy is Ziggy. Hence, the C.A.Z. My nickname growing up was also coincidentally Caz, or Cazza, or Shazza Malfarni (no idea how it morphed into that, but thanks to my creative little brother). But why plus one? Well, currently we are expecting a little one on the way due October 2017. At 22 weeks pregnant our plus one is a highly active little boy who loves to wriggle, stretch, punch and kick at any hour of the day.

Now, being a women’s health physiotherapist and Pilates instructor I see and women for various conditions including musculoskeletal and pelvic floor issues, some of which occur during the antenatal and postnatal stage of life. And now that I am on the pregnancy journey I have first hand experience of some of the discomforts my patients go through during pregnancy and the aftermath.

So I have started this blog as some light reading documenting one woman’s pregnancy journey through the eyes of a women’s health physio with a few tips here and there to share with you.