Ziggy my trial child…

Prior to falling pregnant, I never really imagined myself as a mother. As my friends and I grew up and they started having children, I found it difficult to picture a child in my life. I just felt like I had no motherly instincts. Fast forward to early 2017, when Anthony and I decided to add to our household by means of a puppy. Ziggy was half impulse buy half planned purchase. Basically we knew we wanted a puppy but never really took the steps to go out and get one. Then one day we decided to check out the local pet store and fell in love with little Zigs immediately.

It was like having our very own baby! Well, fur baby. He needed lots of love and attention, our lives (and even work schedules) revolved around taking care of him, feeding him, playing with him and taking him for walks, vet appointments, vaccinations etc. Adding Zigs to our family really brought out my motherly instincts. My family always had dogs while we were growing up but now having our own is very different as we are jointly responsible for this dog’s well being.

I fell pregnant about two weeks after Zigs joined our family. We were overjoyed at the news and the prospect of being a real mother actually became exciting to me. And that is when my protective motherly side really started to show. Normally I am not a big softy, I thought Anthony would be the soft one and I would have to be the disciplinarian. But our roles were reversed. I would fuss over Ziggy and spoil him like he was my baby.  I was quite shocked at my instincts and constantly wondered, “Who is this person that I’ve turned into?”

When it was time to get him desexed I actually cried and was worried that he might not survive the surgery! And as we prepared to leave for our overseas holiday recently I dreaded the thought of him spending two weeks away from us in a dog kennel where it would be cold and dark. Everyday while we were away I checked the kennel’s Facebook page for pet updates and eagerly waited for an update email to say that Zigs was just fine. And I don’t think a day went by on our holiday that we didn’t spend at least a few minutes doting on old photos of Ziggy on our phones. Now that’s what I call motherly behaviour. Or perhaps it’s just me being a deranged dog lover. Either way it gives me a bit of comfort to know that I do have some capacity to care for and love my real baby when he is born 🙂


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