A weekend at the Calm Birth course

From working in the physio industry and treating pregnant/post natal women I had heard about the Calm Birth course, a course designed to empower couples with the knowledge of the process of childbirth, and to equip people with tools and techniques to have a positive experience with labour and delivery. Early on in my pregnancy we decided to enrol in this course to best prepare ourselves for what was to come.

As a back story, in my line of work, I do see a lot of patients with post natal trauma and a range of symptoms and often hear about the negative aftermath on the pelvic floor from giving birth e.g. Stress incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, perineal tears, faecal incontinence, painful intercourse, levator avulsion injuries, the list goes on and on. Rarely do I hear that someone has had an amazing birth experience. My own mother even said she wanted to die when giving birth to me, and that I almost died in the process and was very distressed and ended up being delivered by emergency C-section.

From all the horror stories out there I thought that surely something as natural as giving birth to a baby was not meant to be so traumatic. Surely there are positive labour experiences out there?! Then one day I was treating a patient who told me that my trigger point release on her muscles was more painful than giving birth and that she had done the Calm Birth course and had an amazing birth experience. I kept this course name in my mind for when it was my time to fall pregnant and over the years I heard a few good things about the course.

I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant and my husband and I just spent the weekend in Mittagong at the Calm Birth course and I must say it is nothing short of fantastic. I went into the course feeling a little apprehensive about labour and thinking about all the outcomes I didn’t want e.g. forceps delivery, 3rd or 4th degree tear etc, and came out feeling excited and positive and actually looking forward to the big event! The course is framed in such a way that it empowered me with the knowledge that my body was designed to give birth and that it is very much a natural process of being a woman. It taught me how to work with labour and not fight against it, to surrender myself to the process and yes it is hard work. The mother and the baby work incredibly hard throughout the whole process. I can visualise it as a long marathon that I’m about to run – it’s a challenge, I’m excited and I’m now focusing on all the good things that I want to happen during the marathon. The course gave us as a couple tools and strategies to manage each stage of labour for the most positive outcome.

Anthony definitely found the course very informative and was as equally amazed as I was at how the body can work. And above all, it connected us as a couple even more and helped us believe that giving birth is a team work effort. A lot rides on the support network that the mother has during the labour. So over the next few months we will endeavour to put all the preparations into place for the big day.


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